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  Corporate Headquarters
West Coast Office
150 N. Santa Anita Ave., #300,
Arcadia, CA 91006
P# 818-381-5511
F# 866-467-2213

East Coast office
P# 818-381-5511
F# 866-467-2213




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Why Maxpcb

Maxpcb is established to provide US contract manufacturers and OEMs the best of both worlds:

  • Rock-bottom Taiwan pricing:
    • Without the communication problems (US geeks; who love to talk “technical”).
    • Without the time zone hassles (you deal with us, and we’re located here in the US).
    • You pay in US currency (no foreign exchange or customs problems).

  • The formidable resources of a huge state-of-the art industry leader are at your disposal; that means:
    • If your job entails any of the latest board technologies, no problem.
    • If you need fast turnaround, no problem.

We know that time-to-market is of paramount importance and that means avoiding the risks, glitches and aggravation often associated with going offshore to get the lowest pricing. We also know that you’d pay more, if necessary, to avoid all those problems and delays. But what Maxpcb is really all about is de-aggravation, and you pay less, not more.

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