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  Corporate Headquarters
West Coast Office
150 N. Santa Anita Ave., #300,
Arcadia, CA 91006
P# 818-381-5511
F# 866-467-2213

East Coast office
P# 818-381-5511
F# 866-467-2213




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The practical consequence of our way of doing business is impeccable service that carries through every technology embodied in our manufacturing operations, and every stage of every process.


Years of DOMESTIC experience working with top-tier US customers
Payment and Terms in USA
ISO 9000-certified
24-hour turn on quotes
Accountable performance at every stage, start to finish
Cost advantage with pricing to your dock
Lead time flexibility
DOMESTIC customer service


Solution/Value Proposition

Quality supplier audit
DOMESTIC technical and DOMESTIC finance support
Sustainable pricing, lead-time, and quality stability
Door-to-Door services
One-stop shop
…and last — but definitely not least — ULTRA COMPETITIVE PRICING

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