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Maxpcb offers offshore advantages without the headaches. Our reliable off shore suppliers offer a commercial high mix, low to high volume bare board PCB's, at a competitive price, with US sales, customer service, and technical support offices in California & Florida. We believe we offer the best solution for your low to high volume PCB needs. We offer high technology, flexible delivery, with flexible quantity purchasing options, for a wide variety of PCB types with all the Lead Free board finishes available on Lead Free assembly compatible laminates.

Where do I send my Request for Quote?
All quotes to be sent to info@maxpcb.com or Fax to 866-467-2213

Quote facts:
We can supply a budgetary quote using minimal information but for an accurate quote we would need to know the following :


  Part number
Lead time(s)
Deliver method (FOB, CIF, etc…)
Number of layers
Board size
Array size and number of boards per array
Laminate type
Board thickness
Copper thickness(es)
Circuit width and spacing
Smallest finished hole size
Total number of holes

Also, we need to know how many sides of soldermask and silkscreen as well as any special requirements such as plated slots or edges.


The gerber data and drawings usually cover all of the above and we will digest all of these items to give you a timely accurate quote of your PCB within 24 hours.
If you do not specify we will quote DDP (Delivery & Duty Paid) which means all export, loading, import, delivery, duties, and taxes are paid by us. This means it of hassle free for you but if a different method is preferred just let us know.

Where do I send my Purchase Orders?
All PO to be sent to info@maxpcb.com or Fax to 866-467-2213

What is the normal delivery I can expect for my order?
Our standard lead time is 4 weeks for most products.


Our standard delivery options are:

How are my orders shipped?
We will ship however necessary to ensure your boards are on time. UPS is one of our standards but is not always necessary and the correct shipment method will be used for all your orders to ensure an on time worry free delivery.


What problems will I incur using offshore manufacturing?
Your boards will be manufactured by U/L and ISO approved facility who supplies daily WIP and Shipping reports. All standard documentation is shipped with every order such as C of C and first article report. Add our support team here in the USA and there should be no more problems than you would find with any PCB manufacturer.


What if I wanted to perform an on-site audit the actual manufacturing facility?
We encourage this and will make all arrangements necessary to coordinate the audit


Are the boards covered if there is a quality issue?
Quality issues are rare but if one does occur we will make every effort to resolve any issue. However we cover only PCB related issues.


What are your terms?
Standard t
erms are 30 days after approval.


Will Maxpcb sign a non-disclosure and/or non-compete agreement?
Absolutely and we encourage this to protect the interest of all parties involved.

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